Netvue Birdfy AI Improvement Journey

Netvue Birdfy AI Improvement Journey is committed to take advantage of the #CaughtOnBirdfy content to achieve advancement on bird recognition result for Birdfy. 

How it Works

Share Your #BirdOnBirdfy

The first section is the regular entrance for you to submit the common birds. If you capture any birds commonly, you can submit their images/videos in the Google form below. We will use these data to refine our data set to improve the accuracy of the AI detection. 

Birdfy AI Improvement Journey

Each 1-2 weeks, we will create an AI Improvement Journey series for you to participate in specific support that we need related to AI. For example, sometimes we might have specific birds that need your help of identification. This is your time to apply your expertise in birds.

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Why Improvement

Many people have a misunderstanding of AI. They think AI can do everything. Actually, the fact is, the more artificial the more intelligence. In the Netvue data base, we are taking advantage of birds data from professional research team. However, it will never work as perfect as the actually data - the birds that are captured on Birdfy. 

That's why you have been encountering with recognition issue. That's also why we need to make consistent improvement. 

We hope you understand the AI much better and hope you can grow with us!

Please feel free to get in touch with if you have any questions related to AI.

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